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Aqueous Ozone Technology

The days of harsh, carcinogenic chemical cleaners are numbered. Big chemical companies are facing the same hard truths that big tobacco has faced in the last two decades. O-Z Tech Water represents a paradigm shift in clean science through massive cost savings, improved efficiencies, smaller carbon footprint, and most importantly a cleaning power that really out performs harsh chemicals. Oxygen Powered Solution is a tested, proven, effective technology that will forever change the way we think about clean!

O-Z Tech solutions are available for commerical laundry, ice machine, and general cleaning applications.

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O-Z Tech Water Ice Machine

O-Z Tech Water Laundry

A New Kind of Clean

The system is easily mounted close to your laundry room equipment. O-Z Tech Water delivers sanitized ozonized water that reduces the amount of chemicals necessary to clean your laundry, and extends the life of your linens.